How it Started

The whole "project" Of Furt Bokem was created to support and expand the drift scene in our country and slovakia. The whole name and idea arose so that I once came home from riding in the snowy mountains and I thought I'd create a Facebook page for people who love drifts as much as I do....

I decided to find the first boys to the party who drifting, they are working on their cars by self-help after the free time and they put everything in it. I met Dan Matěj's and the other guys from Ostrava because I watched them on Facebook and I liked that they were in the drift set on 120% when I told them about their vision and the whole meaning of the project so they said "let's go!"

I tried to figure out how to do this so that every drifter had the opportunity to get support according to how much energy it gives, and that's why we invented the concept of getting the finances of the project to every rider directly, so if you meet the action of your Favorite Drifter and you buy from him the product FURT BOKEM so the whole profit from this product goes directly to him on gasoline, podval, rubber, oil simply for anything with regard to drifting. I'm so glad that she's getting a lot of popularity among all the cars and pushing it on!


Still sideways 

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